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Marginal of X Marginal of Y
Conditional of X|Y = -∞ Conditional of X|Y =
Conditional of Y|X = -∞ Conditional of Y|X =
Probability Results
  • Requirements - modern web-browser with HTML and JavaScript support. The 3D view of the bivariate distribution requires WebGL support.
  • See the SOCR Bivariate Normal Distribution Activity.
  • Use the Settings to initialize the web-app. To activate new input settings click outside the component.
  • In the Control panel you can select the appropriate bivariate limits for the X and Y variables, choose desired Marginal or Conditional probability function, and view the 1D Normal Distribution graph. Use any non-numerical character to specify infinity ().
  • You can rotate the bivariate normal distribution in 3D by clicking and dragging on the graph.
  • Probability Results are reported in the bottom text area.

Distribution graph